Willow Sleeves

See how quick, easy and convenient Lady Hike Detachable sleeves are!

Uniquely designed with enough coverage to soften the fresh chill of the morning and enough aeration in the right places to ventilate one’s body, Willow Sleeves are the new necessity in the outdoor world.  We extended the regular length from the thumb hole to provide cover all the way to your knuckles, providing all day sun protection.  Willow Sleeves are made of stretchy, breathable fabric.  These are easy to attach and detach with one hand using medium weight snaps. 

Your Willows will quickly fold up and store away in one of the many convenient Lady Hike pockets allowing you to adjust them to your needs throughout the day. 

With the one of a kind Willow sleeve design, sweat evaporates and doesn’t steep in arm pit of clothing.

Hikers, Campers, Runners, Bikers, Horse Riders and Motorcyclist will all enjoy the benefits of the Revolutionary Willow Sleeves. 



Why we made Willow Sleeves  

Wearing Willow Sleeves from sunrise to sunset is highly favored over sunscreen and the layering dance of constantly taking the pack on and off. 

Sun Protection:

Slathering a stick of zinc oxide day after day on my shoulders, arms and all the way down to my knuckles just wasn’t working.  Even with the sunscreen, we experienced severe sun burning on the long ridge hikes along the CDT on our hands and knuckles (from holding our trekking poles).  Many of my trail friends would wear long sleeve shirts, not wanting to carry the sun screen, but complained of the miserable heat of long sleeves.  Willow Sleeves solves this problem with ample ventilation and lightweight sun protective fabric.    

Ventilated Warmth:

Up and over a mountain, then down into the valley to climb up and over another beautiful mountain.  I love this constant flowing journey.  My husband calls me a mountain goat, because I practically run up the mountain (yes, it is partly so I can call and hear my children’s voice with the cell service at the top).  Needless to say, I sweat a lot in the outdoors.  When I would reach the top, and the nice strong wind that is up there would freeze me out instantly, so I was unloading my pack to get to my jacket, which was actually too warm for my needs.  As we began to descend once again hiking, I would have to stop again, ripping off my jacket as I was overheating, take off my pack and reload it with my jacket.  Uuuurrrrrrhhhh.  So…we designed the willow sleeves.  And have since enhanced the designed and materials used to benefit many outdoor activities.