PETALs Panties (with PantEase)

Ingenious front opening panties that allow you to urinate while standing up. 

When paired with one of our stylish Outdoor Dresses or our Lady Hike Skirt, you will be relieved without being exposed.  Petals are made of a soft, breathable, quick drying, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric.  The front Petal flap is secured with a flexible Velcro® strip, designed with a low profile to help prevent snagging.  A handy pull tab allows for easy opening. The front panel of the panties has been reinforced to hold in place as force pulls and releases petal flap.  Petals have a unique shaped back panel that provides full coverage of the buttocks and extends past the rear thighs ensuring garment stays in place during use, especially during outdoor performance activities.  Ladies, this means no wedgies!  The wide strong waistband keeps your Petals in place. 

Petals have lovely designer waistbands that come in a variety of colors and textures.  Choose from our soft 1” black satin woven band, or our extremely strong yet soft, patterned 1” super elastic, or our own New Mexico-themed, soft woven waistband.            


Lady Hike Petals offer you the comfort and security of panties

with the unhindered convenience of “feeling” like you are going commando

when you need to answer nature’s call.


Check out Little Petals, for little ladies!

Lady Hike is in production!

We are launching Lady Hike to the public March 1st-15th 2017 through Kickstarter

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