Lady Hike makes a SPLASH with Peeing Mannequin wearing “Petals” (Front Opening PantEase™) at OR Summer Market

New Outdoor brand presents unique clothing system, centered around their underwear for women, PETALS.

High Rolls, New Mexico (Aug. 1, 2016) – Breaking ground within the outdoor industry, Lady Hike unveils a whole new approach for women gearing up for the great outdoors.  Each piece of the inventive line has a technical spin on a standard item.  Splashes of vibrant color and attractive patterns and textures invite one in to experience the revolution.  “Men’s clothing is designed for them to easily urinate.  Now, with Lady Hike, women can experience the same convenience” says designer and co-owner of Lady Hike, Samantha Odom.  Popular online expert, Diane Spicer of Hiking for Her says “Feminine hygiene issues on the trail are something we've all had to deal with.  But here’s a fresh approach.  Petals PantEase™, beneath colorful lightweight breathable quick-dry hiking dresses.”

The entire line is a hybrid of women’s fashion and performance fabric.  The PETALS PantEase™ are designed to be worn with Lady Hike’s one-of-a-kind dresses or skirts.  “Our apparel enhances one’s enjoyment of the great outdoors by increasing ventilation and freedom of movement” says Odom.  Designed with hiking in mind, there are no waistbands/buttons/zippers in the way of backpacks or child carriers.  Armholes were enlarged for ventilation and non-chaffing.  The back panel is made of cooling fabric and provides SPF50.  Outdoor dresses are available in four styles tailored to compliment specific body types. 

Combining the base and second layer, Lady Hike created detachable Willow Sleeves, available in a variety of colors, patterns and DWR finishes.  The uniquely shaped sleeves provide sun protection and ample ventilation.  All these smart features are also available in the ultra-comfortable Lady Hike shirt.  For women who want to utilize this outdoor urination clothing system with the protection and warmth of pants, LEG INS, or classic thigh highs with an outdoor twist, have been engineered.  Made of amazing stretch comfort, durable, waterproof fabric, Leg Ins are perfect for that early morning chill, walking in the rain, or bushwhacking.  Guaranteed to stay in place with three bands of silicone on the inside of the elastic.  Leg Ins slip off over your footwear with a chic above-the-knee-zipper.  The entire clothing system provides all day ON/OFF comfort.  With plenty of pockets women can stow all their necessities, as well as their Willow Sleeves and Leg Ins. A minimalist dream.  The attractive Lady Hike line easily transitions from trail to a night out on the town.    

The small New Mexico based company, which prides itself on creating innovative outdoor solutions for women, claims it’s beginnings from trail experience.  “Tired of squatting and having to take a completely separate hike to answer nature’s call, I began to dream of the perfect outdoor outfit.  Not seeing anything suitable on the market, Lady Hike was born.” Says Odom.  “Now, meeting women on the trail, they commonly say, ‘That is not fair, you get to wear that and I am in U.H.C.’s (Ugly Hiking Clothes).’  I explain that the real beauty of our outfits are their functionality, not their fashion.”    

After maneuvering their way through four different factories and the patent process for its novel underwear design, Lady Hike will debut with their famous peeing mannequin at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (Booth PV 2002) in Salt Lake City this week.  “We were surprised by the overwhelming response to our Little Petals, child front opening PantEase™.  Parents like them, but little girls love them!  We plan to showcase our products in the leading outdoor regions of the US”, says co-owner of Lady Hike, Bruce Odom. “Our passion for raising our family outdoors is what led us to making innovative and quality products. It’s an honor to be able to design items that will encourage more families to enjoy nature.”

When asked about the semi controversial promotional ad for Petals PantEase™, the company responded “We faced a big challenge when trying to explain and promote our products for women.  At shows, our live peeing mannequin gets a lot of attention and easily explains our functional products” says Samantha Odom.  “Using the same approach, our ad portrays the famous mannequin (with gorgeous hair) wearing our signature Petals.  She had to be lovely and comfortable with the fact that she is peeing.  We want women to envision themselves like beautiful Eve, in the garden, at one with nature and herself.       

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