Ingenious front opening panties that allow you to urinate while standing up.


Lady Hike Petals offer you the comfort and security of panties

with the unhindered convenience of “feeling” like you are going commando

when you need to answer nature’s call.

When paired with one of our stylish Outdoor Dresses or wearing our Lady Hike Skirt with built in Petals, you will be relieved without being exposed.  Petals are made of a soft, breathable, quick drying, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric.  The front Petal flap is secured with snaps and a handy pull tab allows for easy opening.  Petals are designed with a unique shaped back panel that provides full coverage of the buttocks and extends past the rear thighs ensuring garment stays in place during use, especially during outdoor performance activities.  Ladies, this means no wedgies!  The soft satin, strong waistband keeps your Petals in place.  

Say GOODBYE to these situations:

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How do I use my Petals Panties?

Wearing Lady Hike, simply step off the trail, look both ways as you release and tuck back your Petal.  With your pack on and a wide stance, pull your dress up slightly and let her flow.  Thirty to forty seconds later, you will be relieved to be back on the trail WITHOUT taking your pack off or hiking off trail to expose your glorious backside.  Here at Lady Hike, we stay well hydrated, drinking all the water we want, peeing often. 

According to women, one of the drawbacks to camping and hiking, is having to squat in the bushes.  So much so that ladies confessed to us that they actually drink little to no water or hold their urine, all to avoid going to the bathroom in the great outdoors. 


Our patent-pending front-opening panties (for both women and girls) solve many common problems that discourage them from enjoying adventures in nature.  Lady Hike Petals™ and Easy Peezies™ for girls:

1)    Eliminate the need to squat in the bushes to urinate

2)    Eliminate the vulnerable feelings of exposing one’s backside when urinating

3)    Eliminate the complication of having panties and pants pulled down around your legs while trying to squat

4)    Eliminate the common issue of peeing on your clothing

5)    Allow the comfort of standing to urinate (without removing backpack)

6)    Are feminine and fashionable, leaving you feeling as beautiful as your surroundings

7)    Teach a new and easier way to answer nature’s call

We have designed an innovative system of clothing around our signature underwear that has women and their families saying “Yes!” to nature, more often.  Men’s clothing is designed for them to easily urinate.  Now, with Lady Hike, women of all ages can experience the same relieving convenience.


Check out     Easy Peezi   es...    (Front opening underwear for CHILDREN  !

Check out Easy Peezies...

(Front opening underwear for CHILDREN!

 Peeing standing up?  Won’t I get it on me? 

Almost all women love the idea of not having to squat.  In our market research phase we always got a smile out of women when we asked them if they would ever pee standing up, but most laughed out loud.  Many women had concerns about peeing on themselves, or getting a light spritzer on their legs or shoes.  All valid concerns.

Practice makes perfect.  One does learn to control the flow.  We here at Lady Hike believe urinating while standing up is as good of a workout for your lady parts as any kegal exercise.  And why not?  The rest of your body is getting stronger out there in the woods.   With Petals Panties under your dress and a wide stance, you will be able to streamline your pee time.

Pee and Poo in the Woods Like a Lady

My Two Baggie Roll

I get a lot of questions about what to use to wipe.  TO EACH THEIR OWN, of course.  Occasionally I drip dry and I have used a pee rag.  But my preferred method is my Two Baggie Roll.  I personally like my toilet paper.  I take two ziplock bags.  I fill one ziplock with T.P. squares rolled up in a cylinder shape (about three squares each).  I then, put that bag inside the other ziplock, and store in my front left, dress pocket.  Out on the trail, after my first pee break, I store the used T.P. in the second ziplock bag.  At night, I will burn these in the fire or haul them out with the trash I pack out.  Alternatively, you can use an empty Gatorade bottle for your trash.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of trash that can be stuff into an empty Gatorade bottle.  Just use a stick to compact it down.

Now, for #two, I have a whole different system.  I keep an extra-small stuff bag with a full roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  I keep this in one of the easily accessible pouches of my backpack, along with my trowel (Duece of Spades).  I do take my backpack off.  Ladies…it is SO MUCH easier and natural to squat without pants or underwear confining your legs.  Our Petals Panties unclip and offer you complete freedom.  You skirt or dress covers your backside and you will poop in peace, naturally.  I am very excited for you to try this clothing system.