Leg Ins - Outdoor Thigh Highs

Leg Ins

That’s right, just put your leg in. Our one-of-a-kind Leg Ins accommodate our signature Lady Hike outdoor urination system.  So now when you “gotta go” and the temperature drops, your pants, or Leg Ins don’t have to.

We engineered and gear tested until we made the perfect outdoor thigh high.  Our unique Leg Ins’ elastic will stay right where you want it as you hike, run, camp or bike and sweat.  With three solid lines of silicone your Leg Ins are securely staying up on your lovely lady thighs.  We specially designed the shape of the Leg Ins to fit the curvy contours of a woman’s thigh.  The favorite feature of our signature Leg Ins is the chic above-the-knee zipper that travels down to your ankle, so these thigh highs easily slip on an off over your favorite outdoor footwear.  Lady Hike Leg Ins are made of an ultra-durable, breathable WATERPROOF fabric with a two-way stretch.

Perfect for Hikers, Campers, Runners, Bikers, Horse Riders and Motorcyclist who want to utilize Lady Hike’s revolutionary clothing system.  Lets go for a hike in the rain!