March 2019 - Seafoam Sage Summer Day Dress


This Summer Day Dress wears like dream, with its lightweight, breathable fabric.  This is our most popular dress and now comes in 10 colors!  Okay, I sweat…a lot.  I wanted fabric that would let the air in.  I also love color, so I wanted bright, colorful patterns when I chose the fabric.  We also enlarged the size of the armholes because I do not like my sweat to touch the armpit of my dress.  This dress wins when it comes to cooling comfort.

Whether you are backpacking, or on a family hike with your child carrier, you will find this dress has been designed for functionality.  All four pockets are easily accessible while wearing a pack of any kind.  These pockets are great for holding your phone, snacks, small water bottles, and all the “treasures” your little ones bring to you.  And of course, this dress pairs perfectly with our signature Petals Panties (I store my Two Baggie Roll right in one of the big, deep pockets).  With these front-opening panties under the dress I never have to take my baby off my back to quickly urinate (standing of course).  With our Lady Hike clothing system, you will never again have the uncomfortable feeling of being exposed when answering nature’s call. 


I have nursed all three of my boys trailside, so of course this dress is nursing friendly.  The Summer Day Dress is always one of my gifts to new breastfeeding mothers.  You do not have to be a hiking mama to enjoy its comforts.  I almost named it “The Ultimate Mom Dress” because it is so handy, like an old-fashioned apron with its many pockets.  Unlike most V-neck nursing tops, this dress has a modest neckline that doesn’t leave you concerned about your showing off your cleavage. 

Speaking of modest, we have added length to our original design.  In these photos, I am wearing a size medium, and am 5’8.


And finally, my Summer Day Dress is so travel worthy!  You can stuff this little dress, even slightly damp, down in the bottom of your compression sack, pull it out a day or two later and it will wear beautifully!  I love that on a long thru-hike, I still look and feel put together (just don’t get too close).  When I fly, this dress rolls up nicely into a tight cylinder shape.  I easily pack up several different colors of this dress for international travel in a small backpack.  It easily washes out in a sink and quickly air dries overnight. 


Ladies, this is my go-to-dress all year round.  In the fall I pull out all my colorful leggings and as the cold weather comes, I will add a long sleeve base layer shirt underneath.  Honestly, I am so used to the many pockets in all my designs, that I am lost when I wear anything else. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about March’s Hiking Dress of the Month.  I hope this hiking dress brings you comfort and you have many wonderful memories wearing it on all your adventures!