June HDM


We are so excited for the JUNE Hiking Dress of the Month, the PLUM CRAZY PURPLE Summer Day Dress. 

ON SALE! $38 (30% OFF reg. price)

I am so proud of this design and all it offers women!  We have altered it over and over until we have perfected it.  First, we start with a super breathable fabric in a colorful pattern.  I choose busy patterns (although we are currently making three new solid colors) because they hide stains and dirt that incur from my super active, outdoor lifestyle with my three boys.  Being pregnant through the summer, I am very happy to have this as my daily option because keeps me cool here in New Mexico.


 I wear this style almost daily and I am currently 5 months pregnant…it wears beautifully as my body changes (I love that this fabric that doesn’t cling to my tummy whether it is flat or growing a baby!).  I don’t know about you, but I have seen my body fluctuate so much in the last 10 years with four pregnancies and two years of nursing each son.  I also love the top of this dress because it is made for nursing, but also adjust to so many different breast sizes and shapes.  And we paid close attention to our V-neck cut so that you will never worry about showing too much cleavage! And this dress has an attractive high-low skirt which I love because my backpack belt makes all dresses and skirts shorter, so this helps keep my backside covered!


And last but not least, we have all our Lady Hike pockets in this dress!  This dress has two large deep pockets and two deep side seam pockets.  I carry everything in these pockets (water bottles, maps, items I need to easily access on my thru hikes, and all the treasures my boys find along our adventures!).  I LOVE that I never need to take my backpack off to get things because I have so much room in my pockets.