February 2019 - Miss Comfort Dress $35

The HDM is our Miss Comfort Dress $35

…and it comes in not one, not twO, but three colors.

WHY I designed the Miss Comfort Dress:

I wanted to create a big, soft oversized hiking dress that would give me real freedom.  With my hip belt and shoulder straps being so close to my skin after a day of hiking…I want cozy and unrestricted.  When I say cozy, I mean ultra-soft fabric.  This dress is like a big over-sized T-Shirt, but much, much longer.  It has our signature high low skirt that is perfect for hiking with modesty.  I added rolled sleeves (stitched in place) for a touch of style and ventilation.  And, of course POCKETS!  This dress has two deep, side seam pockets and one large front pocket.  I added a handy pocket on the backside where I love to store my map.  The best thing about the Miss Comfort Dress is it’s versatility.  Honestly, I made it with my hiking need for comfort in mind, but I find myself I wearing this style once a week at work, changing up the colors and layering.   



The colorways are gorgeous! 

First, we have our Little Black Dress of the Outdoors” option!  You can easily dress this up or down.  Perfect on or off the trail all year round.  I will be showing you a few ways I wear this year-round later in the month.

Slate Roses.  I will admit I wear this to special occasions (my cousin’s wedding) just as much as I wear it on the trail.  I LOVE THIS PATTERN.  It is beautiful and makes me feel pretty even when the way I look and smell is anything BUT.    

Color makes me happy and the Miss Comfort Dress in the Purple Mountain is very popular.  We only have a few left!  Snag yours before they are gone.  This is a fun pattern and I love the way it looks with my backpack.


We are spreading some Lady Hike LOVE this month by sharing these smoking hot deals!

For the short month of February, the Miss Comfort Dress will be on SALE for $35!!!

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