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We just got back from our retreat where we focused on our yearly family calendar. Wohoo!  I am so excited for the adventures that await us!

Did you have a chance to write your 20 things you want to do this year? Once again, I encourage you to put these on your calendar and see how much more you will get to experience in 2019!


How about some ultra-light, well-made backpacking gear to go with all your adventures???

This is my old, but favorite jacket.

Years ago, we investing in ultra-light gear. My beloveds include my down sleeping bag, my comfy air mat, and my turquoise puffy jacket. I bought these back in 2014 and they are in great shape are still my favorite comfort items that go with me up and over every mountain. These items were a big expense.  I mean $398 for a sleeping bag??? And don’t even get me started on our tents!

Here is how to easily get your dream gear.


Fiscal Fast

Don’t spend a penny…

F I S C A L    F A S T

As I mentioned, we just went on our annual retreat…but it was not like the other years…going to our favorite hot springs and indulging in fancy restaurants. We actually only spent about $20 dollars plus a little gas money. How did we do this?  We are currently engaged in a fiscal fast. This means we do our very best not to spend a penny. The goal is to get a paycheck or two or a few without spending any money with the acceptation of the normal reoccurring monthly bills (mortgage/rent, electricity, etc). This is a great way to boost your savings quickly. We attempt to cook all our meals and eat everything out of the pantry and freezer. We say “NO” to all our “wants” and try to use any and all gift cards and credit card points. This weekend’s hotel was paid for by credit card points. We brought food along with us and our one dinner date was paid for by Christmas gift cards. Our darling cousin was getting married this weekend, so we let her wedding be our destination, going early to get our planning in and ending with the beautiful ceremony and family filled reception. It was a perfect weekend retreat on the cheap filled with dreaming, planning and the beautiful added bonus of seeing lots of family. We will continue this fiscal fasting lifestyle for at least another two weeks. At that point we will have saved enough to buy any fancy gear we want for this year’s adventures. I have my eyes on a few lightweight tents as my tribe of boys are getting bigger and need a little more sleeping room in the family nest. We may just have to move to two tents for our backcountry adventures, which make me sad as one of my favorite things is us all waking up together in our cozy tent in a mountain cuddle.

There is one exception for the FISCAL FAST…and that is buying the NEW LADY SWIM DRESS! This is the first ever functional swimming suit that is made with a woman’s anatomy in mind. She will be available through Kickstarter on January 15th. The best SALE deals are within the first 48 hours, and then the price goes up, so mark the 15th on your calendar and head over to www.ladyhike.com to get yours.


Lady Swim Dress

Available January 15, 2019


Put this ADVENTURE on your Calendar!!!!

You are invited to hike the Grand Canyon, Rim-to-Rim with the Lady Hike team!  Last year we hiked across the Grand Canyon as a day hike. This was an amazing adventure and I want you to share the experience with me this year. Introducing the first annual Lady Hike Rim-to-Rim. More details to come, including lodging and what to pack which will include Lady Hike! IF you are interested, please let me know and block off May 17th and 18th on your calendar and plan to meet me at the Grand Canyon!

First Annual Lady Hike Rim to Rim May 2019

First Annual Lady Hike Rim to Rim May 2019