Petals Panties

Pee and Poo in the Woods Like a Lady

Two Baggie Roll

Hey ladies!  I get a lot of questions about what to use to wipe.  TO EACH THEIR OWN, of course. Occasionally I drip dry and I have used a pee rag.  But my preferred method is my Two Baggie Roll


I personally like my toilet paper.  I take two ziplock bags.  I fill one ziplock with T.P. squares rolled up in a cylinder shape (about three squares each).  I then, put that bag inside the other ziplock, and store in my front left, dress pocket.  Out on the trail, after my first pee break, I store the used T.P. in the second ziplock bag.  At night, I will burn these in the fire or haul them out with the trash I pack out.  Alternatively, you can use an empty Gatorade bottle for your trash.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of trash that can be stuff into an empty Gatorade bottle.  Just use a stick to compact it down.

Now, for #TWO, I have a whole different system.  I keep an extra-small stuff bag with a full roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  I keep this in one of the easily accessible pouches of my backpack, along with my trowel (Duece of Spades).  I do take my backpack off.  Ladies…it is SO MUCH easier and natural to squat without pants or underwear confining your legs.  Our Petals Panties unclip and offer you complete freedom.  You skirt or dress covers your backside and you will poop in peace, naturally.  I am very excited for you to try this clothing system.