Day 3 – Throwback Third Day

12 Days of Blessings


My third blessing is for you to reach back in time and recreate something simple for someone special.  Think back to something kind you used to do for your spouse, family member or a close friend.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something you used to do for them…something they enjoyed.

My husband takes his lunch to work every day.  Way back at the beginning of our marriage, each morning I made him this big turkey, spinach-stuffed sandwich with feta, sprouts and pepper jack cheese on hearty bread with seeds and nuts.  This was his standard lunch.  As the years rolled by, I began sending leftovers thinking a reheated, hot meal was better.  Last week, we bought this new delicious bread that reminded me of that famous sandwich I used to make daily.  So, instead of leftovers, I built the sandwich that was his staple for so many years and, of course, he loved this sweet surprise.

Remaking that sandwich was a simple task that brought both of us dear memories of when we were young, before our tribe of boys ruled our days and thoughts.  A spinach sandwich made us reconnect in a new, unexpected way.

What is your sandwich?  Who can you make it for?  What sweet re connections are waiting for you?