Day 11 - QUIET Evening of Reading


Okay…there is no such thing as quiet at my house.  But I want to share this blessing with you.  Give yourself time to read a physical book. 

If your children are small like mine, then get a big stack of books (we have a sweet little collection of Christmas books) and spend the evening with your children cuddled around you, reading them story after story. 


The pleasure of reading is like the old song, “Don’t know what you got til it’s gone…”

Last year for Christmas I bought my football-loving husband a T.V.  Now, this was a huge step for me.  You see we have never had a T.V. and honestly, I despised the idea of a T.V. in our family room.  So fast forward to today a year later and it is okay.  The rule is the T.V. can only be turned on for a few hours a few nights of the week and of course for any important football games (forced smile).  When we are here on the weekends, we will have a family movie night.  That being said, we still grow tired of the T.V and my husband and I long for a night of reading a good book.  It seems all my good intentions always come back to one of my staple quotes: “Not planning is planning to fail.”  So, my gift to you is to PLAN a night this month were all electronics, including phones are turned OFF and books or journals are pulled out and imaginations are encouraged.