I’m going to be bold and say, this is the answer to every problem or dealing with that problem person in your life.

We all have people that we are not particularly fond of, right?  Maybe they are even in your family.  We may be walking around with justified unforgiveness in our hearts. 

At this time of year when gift giving is the norm, I want to challenge you to give YOURSELF the gift of FORGIVENESS.  I encourage you to forgive the one or many individuals who have hurt or wounded you. 

“Harboring unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…” - unknown

If you struggle with your own mistakes, I encourage you to forgive yourself. (Seriously though, if this is a thing for you please contact me and I will point you in the direction of some great resources that have helped me and my husband deal with this silent, subtle destroyer of happiness)

Offer. Grace.

Grace is being given what you don’t deserve.  These two little words, Offer Grace, can change your life.  It has been the answer to dealing with EVERY problem or problem person in my life.  Offering grace to people and frustrating situations has freed me of so much stress, anger and burdensome judgement.  It frees me of my many expectations of people AND MYSELF and allows me to practice the healthier, more humbling art of love. 

Be blessed this coming year and offer grace.