Day 8 – Inhale some “OUTSIDE”



Option 1: Go outside for a chilly hike.  INHALE deeply and feel that frozen air as it invigorates your body!

Option 2: If it is just too cold for a hike or if you are like me, swamped with your TO DO list today, then you will have to enjoy this blessing another way.  

So, several times throughout my day, my boys will come tromping in from their outside adventure and I will grab them and inhale their fresh outside smell.  I will happily say, “Oh, you smell like outside!”  It’s true!  I love the smell of “outside” on my boys.  Especially this time of year, the air is crisp and fresh and it hangs on a person as they walk in to a warm, cozy home and should be inhaled immediately before it vanishes.

So, my blessing for you today is to enjoy inhaling some “outside” however you can get it!