Day 5 – Enjoy a hot drink. Simple, I know, yet so many times we take for granted this comfort.


Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate…I love them all, especially after hiking in the wind or the cold.  I find a hot drink so very soothing. 

As I write this, the wind is howling outside.  As it rips itself around our little cabin walls, I am trying to decide what kind of tea I want to have.  I like the smell when I open the jar of mixed herbs or tea leaves.  I like the sound of pouring hot water into my favorite chipped mug.  My fingers playfully slice the hot steam curling its way out of the cup and infusing the air with the scent of health.  I’m comforted by the warmth as I hold this simple pleasure in my hands.  And finally, I sip.  The liquid heat moves down, down all the way to my stomach thawing me from the inside. 

Serenity can be found anywhere if we stop and look for it.  Let’s start with a simple hot drink.