Day 10 – No better way to start a cold winter day than with 20 gratitude burpees!!!


blessed 1.JPG

For reals!  If you can say YES to starting your day with thankfulness combined with exercise…it is truly amazing.  It wakes you up, you are more invigorated for your morning quiet time and you are more aware of your family or other things you just said you are thankful for.  You truly do feel like you have already accomplished something good for the day…and you have only been awake for ten minutes!

Watch this video and she will show you how to properly execute a burpee.  I love the idea of listing my blessings as I challenge myself physically.  Honestly, I have to go much slower than she does but I kind of like this because it gives me more time to think about each of my 20 blessing.

I have completed a few of the Betty Rocker plans and I think it is a great way to get toned and relieve your body of aches by strengthening your core with just 15-20 minutes a day.   I know this has increased my overall health, and made me a much better hiker.  I can run up my stairs without breathing hard.  I LOVE IT!  So, start today with 20 Gratitude burpees and be reminded of all that you are blessed with.