12 – Special Light Night

12 Days of Blessings

Okay, maybe I saved the best for last.  I think You are going to love this! 


Pick a day and plan this ahead.  Plan a nice, yet simple dinner (make it easy on yourself and use the crockpot).  During the day gather candles (all shapes and sizes) and kerosene lanterns (if you have them) and place at least one in every room of your home.  Then be sure to set out a few of your family’s favorite games. 

As darkness approaches, light all the candles and lanterns.  Turn off all indoor lights except for Christmas lights such as the tree and decorations.  Serve the evening meal by candle light followed by games. 

We live in the beautiful mountains of southern New Mexico and several times a year we have power outages.  Our boys actually LOVE this because we get to live by the light of lanterns and candles for an evening.  When this happens, we don’t have lights, internet, phone boosters, or any of the modern conveniences this mountain family is used to.  It is actually a nice respite and a short look into the olden days when stars beckon people from their dark home and encouraged soulful conversations.  Phones and iPads are put down and children become the evening entertainers.  I’ve learned that a quiet night under the stars is far more enriching and well-remembered than any Netflix binge. 

I would love to hear your family’s experience with this!