Day 2 – Decorate an outdoor tree for all to see!

Lady Hike’s 12 Days of Blessings


Each year, as I drive down our mountain highway to the “big city” I will find a decorated tree along the roadside.  Someone loaded up some decorations, headed out into the cold, stopped on the side of a narrow, winding mountain road and decorated a tree as a public gift.  Each time I drive by, I smile and think how awesome this act of love is.  My family is excited to decorate an outdoor tree this year.

So, my blessing to you is to bundle your family up, grab some extra decorations and find a nice tree where lots of people will see it every day of this festive month.  Think of the happy sighs, smiles and sparks of joy this will be for a plethora of strangers.  Then, after Christmas be sure to swing back by and gather your decorations for next year’s tree.

And if YOU are that someone that has brought me joy and inspiration through this act…thank you!