Day 1 – Catch a case of “child’s delight!” Allow yourself to become a child again.

Lady Hike’s 12 Days of Blessings

Have you watched a child around Christmas time?  Oh, it is sweet…not just Christmas morning, but the sparkle in their eye when they talk about what they want for Christmas or the cookies they are going to eat.  Give yourself this precious gift and STOP and watch a child.  Notice how they naturally relish life…even silly little tasks. 


Just the other day, my boys were carrying a bag of overripe apples to feed the deer and the bag ripped, dumping mush and dried leaves all over the floor.  Together the two of them began picking it up and soon they were laughing and grossing each other out with how disgusting the mess was.  As I watched, I though…wow…I need to change my attitude to JOY even when in the midst of a mundane or even disgusting task in life. 

Try to remember your favorite Christmas as a child.  Take a moment and think about how wonderful it was to be carefree and allow yourself to be this way again.